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A Alonso is a London-based ready-to-wear brand designing luxury garments for petite women. We specialise in occasion wear that’s pre-tailored to fit smaller frames because we want you to feel elegant in every situation.

About A Alonso

Clothes should be made to fit your proportions, not the other way around.


We understand how difficult it is to find that perfect fit. Buying off-the-rack as a petite woman often means settling for something loose in the bust, broad in the shoulders or long in length. It seems everything you purchase requires tailoring, but taking all your garments to a tailor can be a chore.

At A Alonso, we want you to feel comfortable and confident without the hassle. That’s why we design ready-to-wear pieces that are already customised to fit your petite frame.

We’ve spent years studying petite body types to understand the precise measurements and proportions of clothing that suit you best. Our designer and founder, Ana Alonso, is petite herself and has become an expert in designing garments that not only fit but flatter small frames. 

Our EIP Customer Package: Custom tailoring without the wait.

 1. Shop our collections to find the design you love. If the measurements aren’t a perfect fit, add on our EIP Customer Package. You can add it at checkout or after you receive your order.

 2. We’ll schedule a 30-minute virtual fitting appointment to note the overall fit and key areas for improvement. 

 3. Package your garment in the shipping material provided, and we’ll arrange to have it picked up at your doorstep

 4. One of our talented seamstresses will make any necessary adjustments to the bust, silhouette, hips and length.


 5. You’ll receive your custom-tailored piece just 7-10 working days after it gets back to us!

Ana Alonso - Petite Dress Designer London
Ana Alonso - Petite Cloth Designer London

A Alonso supports sustainable fashion. 

We want to do our part to care for people and our planet. That’s why we’ve prioritised having a localised supply chain with all material sourcing and garment construction taking place in Europe. We also produce our designs in small batches to reduce waste and have personal relationships with all of our seamstresses. Finally, every garment we produce is made from natural materials.

Meet your designer: 

In her early years as a stylist, designer Ana Alonso discovered the power

of well-tailored clothing. She noticed how women wearing perfectly fitting garments can light up a room, whether it be a ball or a business meeting. And as a petite woman herself, she is very familiar with the comfort and confidence a customised piece can bring. 


Hailing from Portugal and having styled clients all over the world, Ana offers a unique Latin flair in her designs. She’s drawn to natural materials, vibrant colours and sophisticated cuts that create head-turning looks for petite women like herself living in the UK. 

Ana Alonso - Fashion Designer London
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