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ANA's World

Ana Alonso Fashion Designer


PVC Free

A Alonso phrase all products are PVC and similar chemical free. 

No cotton from Uzbekistan, Syria or Turkmenistan (learn about modern slavery)

None of our cotton comes from Uzbekistan, Syrian, Turkmenistan or from other countries that are considered high risk for child labour or forced labour. We trace the country of origin for all of the cotton, silks, jersey that we use and are working to get traceability back to farm level for all of our key supplies. We also use organic silk whenever possible which promotes better practices in the supply chain and provides a better livelihood to local communities.


To date the majority of silk comes from traditional sources in Como, Italy. However, with the help of pioneering technology we are always exploring new ways of sourcing silk.

Meet your designer: 

In her early years as a stylist, designer Ana Alonso discovered the power

of well-tailored clothing. She noticed how women wearing perfectly fitting garments can light up a room, whether it be a ball or a business meeting. And as a petite woman herself, she is very familiar with the comfort and confidence a customised piece can bring. 


Hailing from Portugal and having styled clients all over the world, Ana offers a unique Latin flair in her designs. She’s drawn to natural materials, vibrant colours and sophisticated cuts that create head-turning looks for petite women like herself living in the UK. 

How It Works:

Size: We design for petite sizes, including XXS, European fitting. 

Fabric & Colour: Our garments are made from natural materials in vibrant colours. 

Design Style: Think European sophistication meets Latin flair.

How It Works: Select a pre-tailored petite size with the option to add on customised adjustments.

  • New designs Monthly.

  • Locally and ethically made.

  • Considered process to the ambient.

  • Humanity & Community.



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